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PMG Multi-Rotors Recon / Aerial Camera StablizerRECON is a low profile, professional grade aerial platform with a wide array of applications. Our Multi-rotor aerial platforms are incredibly robust with 30+ minutes of flight time capable of holding GoPro, Sony NEX Panasonic Lumix GH4, and many others.

Every RECON product is fully assembled and tested by our technicians to ensure you get a sound package ready for use. Set up and break down is very fast – from the case to the air in minutes.

Available in DIY kits or as fully assembled Units ready for flight on delivery. All arms are completely detachable for easy storage.

The RECON multi-rotor is a series professional grade aerial unit, a dynamic piece of equipment that needs optimal care and maintenance. To allow for RECON to work at it’s most efficient, it is imperative that RECON be properly tuned, balanced and cleaned before every flight.

Recon Flight Control Choices

RECON Quad-Copter can be configured with several different flight control systems. To begin building your package, please select from one of the 4 flight control systems we offer below.

Starting at $2,990
DJI Naza-M V2
Starting at $3,150
DJI WooKong
Starting at $4750
Starting at $5050